TREF-Professional compost-70L
Plant like a professional

Your plants are only as good as what they’re grown in. Tref is a professional grade compost variety that is not widely available to the public. This 70l bag contains enough compost for up to six Easyfill baskets or planters and will be delivered straight to your door.

Use Tref Professional compost for professional results

Specially designed professional mix for baskets and tubs – what the professional growers use and not previously available to gardeners
Contains bark and composted green waste to save peat resources
Delivered to your door – no mess, no fuss
Peat that is used is high quality, younger white peats not the cheaper, wet dark peat found in most retail blends
Starter fertiliser included
Enough for 6 Easyfill baskets or planters
Blended to look after the roots and help plant growth
Tref potting compost is a professional grade potting compost specially formulated to provide the perfect planting mix for your hanging baskets, containers, raised beds

TREF-Professional compost-70L


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