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Tref FloraFleur -20L-荷蘭花果泥

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Tref FloraFleur

容量Capacity: 20L


來源地Country of origin: 荷蘭 Netherlands


FloraFleur universal 'A' grade potting soil is produced from top quality materials, and can be used for houseplants, terrace plants, bedding and garden plants. FloraFleur mixes are enriched with special fertiliser and trace elements, providing nutrients for about six weeks to the vegetation after planting.


Florafleur Potting Soil Our retail range of Florafleur Potting soil consists of 4 types, each specially composed to fit the needs of different crops. Plants need nutrition, water and light to grow and thrive optimally. Florafleur potting soil is made of high-quality ingredients and has additions such as clay and fertilizers for optimum growth. The different types are available in three bag sizes ranging from 20 litres up to 70 litres.

Tref FloraFleur -20L-荷蘭花果泥

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