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LENI Blusana Gartenton Glay Growing Stone (50L) Blusana Gartenton Glay Growing Stone (50L) Description The Blusana expanded clay balls are especially made for hydroponics. Hydroponics with Blusana expanded clay balls is a clean system. Hydroponic plants, when properly cared for, will not support germs, bacteria or fungi around the roots. Only controlled clay deposists are used, which guarantees a healthy plant growth. Some of the Blusana expanded clay balls characteristics: - Gives the plants support - It takes water and nutrients up to the roots while retaining pockets of air for maximum root growth - Will not compact over time - Is re-usable, with no decomposition or breakdown - Clean, hygienic and convenient to use - Ready for use straight from the bag - just soak thoroughly before us


來源地: 德國 Imported from: Germany


體積: 50L Volume: 50L

LENI Blusana Gartenton Glay Growing Stone (50L)

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