LENI Blusana Gartenton Glay Growing Stone (50L)

http://www.leni.de/ Blusana Gartenton Glay Growing Stone (50L) Description The Blusana expanded clay balls are especially made for hydroponics. Hydroponics with Blusana expanded clay balls is a clean system. Hydroponic plants, when properly cared for, will not support germs, bacteria or fungi around the roots. Only controlled clay deposists are used, which guarantees a healthy plant growth. Some of the Blusana expanded clay balls characteristics: - Gives the plants support - It takes water and nutrients up to the roots while retaining pockets of air for maximum root growth - Will not compact over time - Is re-usable, with no decomposition or breakdown - Clean, hygienic and convenient to use - Ready for use straight from the bag - just soak thoroughly before us


來源地: 德國 Imported from: Germany


體積: 50L Volume: 50L

LENI Blusana Gartenton Glay Growing Stone (50L)


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