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金寶藍肥Blaukorn® 12-12-17-25KG

德國金寶藍肥Blaukorn® 12-12-17-2


德國金寶藍肥 (12-12-17-2) 可在整個農作作物生長期間供應均衡的營養。



  • 12% N
  • 12% P2O5
  • 17% K2O
  • 2% MgO




Granular & Stabilized Granular Fertilizers 

Blaukorn® 12-12-17(+2+TE)

Granulated solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer for crops with high K demand. Withdrawal-oriented formulation with magnesium, sulfur and trace elements for demand-oriented fertilization.

  • Every granule contains all nutrients and micronutrients
  • Poor in chloride, especially suitable for usage in horticulture
  • Classic fertilizer – without enhancement technology
  • Rich in potassium, for crops with a high K demand or soils with a poor K supply
  • High in phosphate, for usage on soils with low phosphate availability or plants with high P demand
  • High proportion of the phosphate is immediately avalaible for the plants
  • The coarse granulation allows homogeneous spreading, even over a wide distance

金寶藍肥Blaukorn® 12-12-17-25KG

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