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熟骨粉-25KG Bone Meal




骨粉是碾碎的牛骨。如牛骨先煮過再輾碎,是為熟骨粉。如未經煮過便輾碎,則為生骨粉。生、熟骨粉均屬緩解肥,唯生骨粉較熟骨粉更慢。氮 、 磷 、 鉀的百分比 為 4-22.5-0.2 ,另有 24% 鈣。由於屬緩解,故宜作基肥用。



  • 由牛骨先煮再輾碎後烘乾, 含豐富的磷肥, 鈣及鉀, 能有效促進植物開花結果及健康生長
  • 有機的植物營養
  • 可加入其他營養
  • 天然緩慢持久釋放磷肥及鈣
  • 適合用於農業, 園藝上
  • 緩解肥
  • 較生骨粉更易分解

產地: 越南


每平方米 50-150 克。

Steamed Bone Meal

Product Description:

  • Organic fertilizer made from crunched, cooked and roasted dry cattle’s bones, rich in phosphate, calcium and potassium which contributes to the healthy growth of plants, flowers and fruits.
  • Organic plant nutrients
  • May be mixed with other nutrients
  • A natural, slow and dual release of phosphate and calcium
  • Ideal use for agriculture and horticulture
  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Easier to be decomposed than fresh bone meal

Country of Origin: Vietnam


熟牛骨粉(越南)Bone Meal-25KG

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