Floragard-德國泥-Universal potting soil-70L

Floragard-德國泥-Universal potting soil-70L




Floragard Universal potting soil




即用型全方位盆栽土壤,用於室內盆栽,盆栽和露台植物的盆栽以及在花園床上種植 即使經過長時間的脫水,AquaPlus®仍具有最佳的吸水率 在8週的時間內,活性肥料庫和其他微量營養素可促進植物的強勁生長 含可再生原料 重要粘土優化了緩衝營養的能力,並將其充分釋放到植物中 最適合您的植物–減少泥炭的Floragard盆栽土壤。精選的優質泥炭品質,可再生原料,添加劑以及高效的發酵劑肥料,長期肥料和微量營養素組合,形成了與專業園藝相關的現代配方。即用型通用盆栽土壤可用於室內和陽台植物的盆栽和盆栽,也可用於床頭種植。 Floragard盆栽土壤將支持強勁的植物生長和壯麗的花朵。


Ready-to-use all-round potting soil for repotting indoor, balkony- and patio plants as well as for planting in a garden bed


Optimal water absorption due to Aqua Plus®, even after a longer period of dehydration


For a period of 8 weeks the active-fertilizer-depot and additional micronutrients provide for strong plant growth


With renewable raw materials


Vital-clay optimizes the capacity to buffer nutrients and adequately releases them to the plants


The best for your plants – with the peat reduced Floragard Potting Soil. Selected premium peat qualities, renewable raw materials, additives and a high effective combination of starter fertilizer, long term fertilizer and trace nutrients form a modern recipe which is associated to professional horticulture. The ready-to-use universal Potting Soil can be used for potting and repotting indoor and balcony plants as well as for bed planting. Floragard Potting Soil is going to support a strong plant growth and magnificent blossoms.

Floragard-德國泥-Universal potting soil-70L